This year’s AGRF Summit will explore the pathways and actions needed to accelerate this process and steer the continent towards food systems that:

  • deliver sufficient and nutritious food
  • do not impact the environment negatively
  • create sustainable, dignified jobs, and shared prosperity for Africa.

The AGRF 2021 Summit is a defining moment in highlighting and unlocking the political, policy, and financial commitments and innovations the continent has made and that it continues to work towards achieving. It is about advancing the commitments made at the Malabo Heads of State Summit and working hard to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

AGRF Summit aims to elevate the single coordinated African voice

Food is the critical link required to tackle some of the world’s major crises, including hunger, poverty, and climate change. We must act quickly.. The AGRF Summit will provide a platform for governments and communities; including youth, women, civil society, and other stakeholders around the world to discuss their food systems and identify ways to strengthen them. It’s our opportunity to achieve global impact, guided by insight and evidence from local leaders and innovators.

As part of the Summit’s contribution to the UNFSS, the AGRF Summit aims to elevate the single coordinated African voice to the UNFSS and identify immediate actions and steps that need to be taken to accelerate progress and recovery towards inclusive agricultural transformation

Credit: AGRF 2021 Summit