The Agricultural Solutions Hub

Growth opportunities lie in the current untapped potential of African agribusiness, which has yet to know an agriculture revolution. Nearly 600 million hectares of uncultivated arable land can be found in Africa, which would allow tremendous development opportunities. Moreover, bringing African’s agriculture to modern production standards represents a unique challenge. Mechanization, although an essential tool to improve productivity also remains very low, with West Africa featuring only 13 tractors/100km2 of arable land. This being said, in a global context where environment protection and climate change have become major issues, the development of Africa’s agribusiness potential needs to be sustainably thought of to take into consideration today’s imperatives of fighting climate change and preserving the environment.

Agro-Circa is an Agricultural technology services company that provides climate smart and precision agricultural services to small-holder farmers who make up about 70% of the farming population, as well as medium to large scale farmers. Providing tailor-made agric-solutions to farmers to help improve and increase yield. We also provide farm management services to new and absentee farmers. 

We have experts with over 10 years experience in conservation agriculture. We are committed to supporting the growth opportunities in African agribusiness while positively impacting climate change and preserving our environment.

Mission Statement

Empower small holders in African Countries to establish the use of conservation farming and agri tech

Vision Statement

Agro-Circa will be identified as a leader in conservation agriculture and precision technologies that creates a sustainable way of feeding a growing population.