The Agricultural Solutions Hub

Farm Management

We provide tailor-made farm management for first time farmers who have little to no knowledge but want to engage in the business. As well as management support for people who have farms but are busy with a fulltime job or cannot be physically present to manage their farms.

Conservation Agriculture Training

CA has proven to increase agricultural productivity by 11.54% to about 30%. This is achieved over time. Traditional Agricultural practices(ploughing, bush burning etc.) accounts for 10-12% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Drone Technology

We offer drone spraying of chemicals on the farm. This is an efficient, time and cost effective way of spraying as well as eliminates direct contact with chemicals which can pose health challenges to farmers.

Ground Penetrating Radar

We provide Ground Penetrating Radar services that allows farmers to study the roots of soil make-up on their farms to make informed decisions. This technology can also be used to detect underground water for irrigation plant set-ups.


One of the biggest challenges of small-holder farmers is financial constraints. They lack access to credit facilities that are flexible enough to meet their needs of growth and expansion. Our CircaSave uses a Village Savings and Loans model to give farmers full control over what and how much they save as well as how much interest they are able to pay on loans or credit.

Soil Testing

We provide a comprehensive as well as tailored soil testing. This helps farmers understand their soils and know how to maximize and supplement what their soil needs are.